Dickie Felton

The 11th most famous writer in Crosby, Liverpool

Dickie Felton is a writer based in Liverpool, England. He has written two books about Morrissey fan culture.  

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To find out more about his books, see Dickie interviewed on BBC TV.

Dickie's analysis of Morrissey's "annus horribilis" can be read here. 

Morrissey International Airport (released December 2012) is a road-trip to 10 Morrissey gigs around the world. Set against a backdrop of recessions, royal weddings and rioting, this is a story of fandom, friendship and freeways.

Dickie's first book The Day I Met Morrissey was released in May 2009. It contains real life stories of fans coming face-to-face with the music legend. As well as being a mini-hit in parts of Croatia and Malta, it became a Waterstones Most Recommended tome.

Morrissey International Airport: ISBN-10: 0956215718  ISBN-13:  978-0956215710

The Day I Met Morrissey: ISBN 10: 095621570X ISBN 13: 978-0956215703

Contacting Dickie 

Some of the eagle-eyed among you will see I've ditched Twitter. Mostly to concentrate on my third book. You can sometimes catch me at Morrissey gigs (next-up London O2). You can always catch me at Marine AFC matches. When I set up a PO Box you can send me a nice letter. I'll always reply. 

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